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AXIA, as of October 2023, has direct/indirect ownership interests in 23 generation plants in 7 countries worldwide, totalling over 21,086MW (Gross) generating capacity. Our asset portfolio is composed of investments in conventional gas, hydro and, various renewable and sustainable energies to diversify the fuel source as well as geographic positions, which helps to mitigate the negative fluctuations in commodity prices resulting from world events and enables the entire portfolio to generate solid and predictable earnings and cash flows.

AXIA's strategy in assembling its power generation portfolio, which is diversified by fuel source and geographic location, is to optimize this fuel/location mix of the portfolio while expanding the MW magnitude, based on its long-term stable cash distribution stream.

AXIA owns generating assets mainly in two regions. (1) South-West Asia/Middle East & Africa Region, (2) South-East Asia Region. The majority of the power generation from our facilities is sold under long-term contracts with 'strong credit quality' off-takers, including the government or government-owned utilities. Since our power generation business is oriented to government built-operate-transfer / built-operate-own programs, some of the off-take contracts were executed there under.

The Europe Region is considered a very promising market in which the power sector eager to curtail greenhouse gas emissions applies cutting-edge technology.

Fuel supply contracts are also in place for each facility and manage the volatility of commodity price at these projects.
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