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AXIA POWER HOLDINGS B.V. (“AXIA”) is a global power asset investing company which develops new investment opportunities for power assets, and also manages and holds existing power generating assets.

AXIA’s main function is to create tomorrow’s electricity supply by investing in power project throughout the world. We have a firm track record in Asia, Africa and the Middle East Region. We currently own 23 power generating assets in 7 countries throughout the world.

AXIA is a 100% subsidiary of Marubeni Corporation, which is one of the leading general trading companies, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

*Marubeni Corporation:
Investment Policy
AXIA’s investment portfolio is increasingly expanding and has contributed to the growth of the country in which the investment was made.

We firmly intend to retain and manage the assets we acquire, consistent with our dividend-oriented philosophy. We closely examine and analyse our investments based on a number of criteria at different stages concerning the nature of the investments. Our investment criteria principally relate at the first stage to the asset level and the second stage to the portfolio level.
Our Business
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